The next wave of Internet entrepreneurship

Internet businesses have grown from solely selling products online to creating entertaining content through websites such as YouTube. Along each progression of online business, entrepreneurs have had to change the way they view the internet. For example, people switched their previous view of a product-oriented online business to a business strategy of pitching an idea to people in an environment in which donating money to achieve the entrepreneur's goal requires simply hitting a few buttons. This business progression has not halted and continues to expand the minds of entrepreneurs. This article describes predictions for what the future of online business holds.

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Cheaper Alternatives to Square

Since 2009, Square has developed into a major player in the merchant and mobile services industry. In fact, this popular company generates over $1.3 billion dollars in revenue each year.

In spite of the company's success, many small business owners are concerned about the rising costs of the company's transaction fees. For each transaction, Square assesses a fee of 2.75 percent. If you conduct a large number of transactions, these fees can crush your bottom line.

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