There are many great tools out here that your small business should use to increase your growth over time. It can be tough to start a new business. When you are doing startup fundraising, roadblocks you never thought could certainly come up.

Limited human resources, time, and budget are prominent factors as the bills roll up with the increment of workload. However, you are leading the way to achieve the greatest business potential with the right tools and a solid team. Below is a curated list of the must-have tech tools that small business owners as can use.

Google Analytics

It is all about numbers with a new business. Seek to know the amount of traffic generated by your website. Moreover, be concerned to know where that amount of traffic comes from. What are the key demographics of the audience you are targeting? In the success of a startup, major questions as the one above play a major role.

While this is one of the most imperative parts of managing a business, tracking such traffic is not an easy role. This is where Google Analytics develops its utility. Google statistics tool is no exemption because playing their reputation for easy and innovative services is imperative. The Google Analytics users can view the country seen by their audience at any time of the year. They also have the capability to generate the percentage difference between countries.


EchoSign is the eco-friendly solution when you are tired of filing a loose cabinet with documents that keep mounting. You can use this tool to store all your documents by way of uploading. You can also sign in to the EchoSign server to send such documents. EchoSign reduces the hustle of signing contracts with its E-sign capability. Moreover, you don’t need a scanner or printer. Whenever you need to reference your sign in any document, you can use EchoSign signed materials to conduct this capability, instead of throwing away money purchasing ink and paper, EchoSign saves you time, money, and work.


With the DropBox capability, you can fill each container with different document types. DropBox can multi-task for you to create a virtual link between your connected computer devices and the internet. Users can now save all their images, video clips, and documents on DropBox by utilizing the cloud saving capabilities. In this case, you can access this information anywhere in the world through the internet. Don’t worry about sending large files or losing the documents. Moreover, you have the capability to share your files with other users. DropBox has its main benefit if storage for all your information in one location.


Wix is one of the tech tools everyone needs to know. Wix is the greatest source for blog and website creation for those who are less tech savvy. Wix helps use the drag and drop template to customize your website with no coding associated.

Wix also allows you to swap your old template with the new if you have your company color changed within the past few months. This is the ideal platform for app developers.

Meeting the holistic small business challenges requires the use of end-to-end, holistic, rule-based solutions. For this reason, you can excel in business using the above tech tools to have your endpoints protected better.

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