Since 2009, Square has developed into a major player in the merchant and mobile services industry. In fact, this popular company generates over $1.3 billion dollars in revenue each year.

In spite of the company’s success, many small business owners are concerned about the rising costs of the company’s transaction fees. For each transaction, Square assesses a fee of 2.75 percent. If you conduct a large number of transactions, these fees can crush your bottom line.

Alternatives to Square

The good news is Square is no longer the only reputable company that provides processing services for merchants. Here are 6 cheaper alternatives to Square that you should definitely check out.


Like Square, PayPal has a long history in the merchant services industry. However, this company has a few perks that Square does not offer. PayPal offers stellar customer support via email, telephone and social media. Another benefit is the company does not charge a monthly fee to enroll in its services. PayPal assesses a transaction fee of 2.7 percent for each transaction.

Intuit GoPayment

A key selling point of Intuit GoPayment is it offers a QuickBooks integration feature. If you are a devotee of QuickBooks, you might be interested in this Square alternative. You will have access to electronic camera scanning features, invoicing and web browser card processing capabilities. The fee per transaction with Intuit GoPayment starts at 1.6 percent.


Paymentio provides the capability for users to accept payments with the tap of a card. There are no subscription plans associated with this payment system. Other benefits of Paymentio are:

  • No hardware charges
  • No monthly minimums
  • No setup fees

Clover Go

One of the primary advantages that Clover Go has over Square is it gives you access to an individual merchant account. With Square, you are grouped with other merchants in a shared account. This is a good option if you decide to get a brick-and-mortar store for your business in the future. Clover Go does not have fixed rates. The rates vary according to the reseller.

Spark Pay

This merchant service provider may not have all of the useful features that you would find on the Square platform, but it offers a more affordable service than Square. This is especially beneficial if you have a company that conducts a large volume of business. The starting rate for transactions with Spark Pay is 1.99 percent.


This merchant service tool is as easy to use as Square’s services. Once you receive your free card swiping tool and download the app, you are in business. There are no monthly minimums or commitments involved with the services from EMS+. The swipe rate for all transactions with EMS+ is 2.4 percent.

Square is a useful merchant service tool that has beneficial features for start-up businesses. However, as your business grows, you should consider switching to a platform that offers cheaper transaction fees. These alternative merchant service programs are definitely worth exploring.

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